Who is eligible ?

If you are :

  • An undergraduate or Masters student
  • A doctoral student
  • A post-doctoral researcher
  • A teacher-researcher
  • A higher education manager or supervisor

You may be eligible for an award.

The Averroés partner institutions have set out a selection procedure which takes account of the following criteria :

  • Academic excellence
  • The motivation of the candidate and the quality of the proposed project
  • The applicant’s ability to undertake studies in the language of the host university
  • A commitment to return to the home university once the period abroad is completed
  • An equal female/male ratio
  • The candidate’s socio-economic status and social vulnerability (group three candidates)

Candidates are divided into three different groups. Check to see if you fall into group one, two or three as defined by your nationality, your academic, professional or socio-economic status.


  • European students

    In order to be eligible, European students at undergraduate, Masters, doctoral or post-doctoral level must :

    • Hold the nationality of a European country. They may have dual nationality.
    • Be a registered student at one of the European partner institutions
    • Have sufficient linguistic ability in the language of study at the host university or in one of the languages spoken in the country
  • Students from the Maghreb

    The eligibility criteria for students at undergraduate, Masters, doctoral and post-doctoral level are as follows :

    • Students must hold either Algerian, Moroccan or Tunisian nationality and they may have dual nationality
    • They may not hold residential status in a European country or have conducted their principal occupation, whether as a student in employee, for a period of more than 12 months in the course of the last five years dating back from the submission of the award application
    • Sufficient linguistic ability in the language of study at the host university or in one of the languages spoken in the country.


The following criteria apply to this category :

  • You must be a national of one of the 27 EU countries or one of the three Maghreb countries. However, this is not a factor in determining where you carry out your period abroad
  • You must work at one of the partner universities or be associated with one such partner.

In addition :

  • your home and host universities must agree upon a programme which specifies the work and activities (research or teaching, for example) which you are expected to carry out during your time at the host institution. Your endeavour may or may not be part of an exchange of posts with an employee of the partner university.

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