Seven good reasons to take part in Averroès

« Knowledge gained abroad can provide one a homeland; however, ignorance may feel like being exiled within one’s own country » Averroès

Seven good reasons to take part in Averroès

  • Averroès means a CV which stands out from the crowd, international contacts and an unforgettable adventure on the other side of the Mediterranean !
  • 1,000 students, researchers and teachers from the Maghreb and Europe have already crossed the water to take part
  • Averroès enriches lives, opens minds and creates a truly international experience
  • The experience of immersing oneself in a different culture and language is truly unique
  • Erasmus Mundus, the mark of excellence, makes your CV stand out
  • The ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)* ensures the period of study abroad is recognised and taken into account, meaning no study time is wasted
  • Become more independent; discover a new way of life
  • Increase your chances of finding a job

* The European Credit Transfer System aims to encourage mobility by making it easier to recognise studies undertaken in another country. Your home university will issue your qualification upon receipt of your transcript from the host university. It should be noted that some universities operate joint programmes.

Undergraduate and post-graduate students

  • A period of study (either a semester or an academic year) funded by Europe
  • Experience of different teaching methods
  • Your course is recognised by your home university

Doctoral students

  • Obtain funding for your thesis for a period of 10 – 18 months
  • Possibility of dual supervision leading to two qualifications

Post-doctoral students

  • Continue your research in a top-quality laboratory

Teacher-researchers, university staff

  • Develop an international network
  • Develop joint research projects
  • Exchange knowledge and best practice
  • Devise training programmes or joint qualifications

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