Focus on Montpellier

Averroès award holders carrying out their exchanges in Montpellier are now jointly welcomed by the University of Montpellier II and several other universities in the city in a collaborative effort to ensure students can benefit from the best possible conditions throughout their studies.

They have left their family and friends behind in Algeria, Morocco or Tunisia to live out their European adventure.  In order to offer them the best possible conditions, the Averroès programme designated Montpellier a pilot project, providing each student a joint host experience at all the participating universities in the city (Universities of Montpellier I, II and III, and the University of Montpellier SupAgro).

“The experience begins as soon as we arrive in Montpellier,” says Ambar Gonzalez Bouab. “We are collected at the airport or the railway station, taken to our accommodation in the university residence and given all the necessary information about living in the city (transport and food for example). We are introduced to the students who have already arrived and we are then met the following day to be able to give our families a reassuring phone call before getting on with the administrative formalities.”

The joint welcome centre offers many services such as French language lessons, progress monitoring, administrative assistance, campus and city tours, study-related excursions or trips as well as a magazine presenting a cultural programme specifically designed for Averroès students.

Survival kit

The most recent addition to our welcome is a “survival kit”, which is handed to each student upon his or her arrival in Montpellier. The kit is designed to help them through the first few days in their new environment and comprises useful daily items which students do not necessarily think to bring with them, such as basic foodstuffs, plasters and other basic medicines.

A pioneering foreign-students welcome programme

From the very beginning of the programme in 2008, a welcome team has been available to acccompany the students through the initial part of their stay. The students involved are assisted every step of the way in every area of their exchange, including in all academic, linguistic, psychological social and cultural matters.

The objectives of the welcome team are as follows:

A high-quality welcome from day one

Personal monitoring throughout the exchange

Academic success and a 100% student satisfaction rate.