Averroès accredited events


University of the Balearic Islands (Spain)

18 and 19 June 2012: The Averroès seminar entitled “Possibilities and alternative approaches in the study of tourism at university level”, held in Palma, Majorca, aimed to share and pool experiences and knowledge of the study of tourism between the different consortium universities.

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University of Constantine (Algeria)

8 and 9 May 2011: The Université Mentouri de Constantine organised an international colloquium entitled “Finding work after university and the university-business relationship”. www.umc.edu.dz


Montpellier 2 University (France)

In December 2011, the project entitled “Challenge Averroès” led by the Polytech School of Engineering in Montpellier was awarded the “Prize for best European project in 2011” by the French Agency for Training and Education in Europe. The project was recognised for “bringing new dynamism to universities of the European and Mediterranean regions by boosting the employability of its engineering graduates”.

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University of Bejaïa (Algeria)

Jointly sponsored by the Averroès programme and “Challenge Averroès”, the 5th Bejaia Forum entitled “Universities and the world of production” set itself the aim of creating a bridge between

universities and the industrial sector and facilitating meetings between students and future employers.


University of Tlemcen (Algeria)

In June 2011, the international symposium entitled “Career paths: A challenge for universities” enabled the University of Tlemcen and its social partners to create a work-oriented programme producing word-ready graduates who can integrate quickly into a professional environment. Its objective is to better meet the needs and demands of the labour market.


University of Oran (Algeria)

In the context of the gradual roll-out of the LMD teaching system “Licence, Master, Doctorat” (Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate), the University of Oran organised two international symposia on the theme of increasing the work-oriented aspects of various Masters courses in order to prepare students for the world of work.



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