Averroès: A thinker positioned at a cultural crossroads

Philosopher, doctor, astronomer, theologian, jurist.... Averroès (real name Ibn Rushd) was all of these. Born in Cordoba in Spain in 1126, he died in Marrakech, Morocco, in 1198. A humanist before his time, he was able to reconcile the heritage of Greece and the spirit of Islam, drawing his knowledge from both sides of the Mediterranean Sea.

He was one of the greatest commentators on the works of Aristotle, whose renaissance can be largely attributed to Averroès. We also owe to him our modern view of the philosopher’s relationship with religion. Persecuted towards the end of his life, his posthumous influence was brought about by Jewish and Christian followers who preserved and translated his work.

The Averroès exchange programme stands as a tribute to this great Arab-Andalucían thinker whose life was in itself a bridge between Arab and Western cultures.

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